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Trails with Waterfalls

Laurel Fork Falls

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Roundtrip: < 2 miles

NE Tennessee, From Elizabethton take HWY 19E to Hampton, HWY 321,follow signs to Dennis Cove Recreation Area, park at Appalachian Trail(AT) crossing before Rec area (signs tell you of the AT on left)

This short stretch of the AT is pretty nice. It follows a river for awhile, andcrosses it on a wooden bridge once by a high cliff. The trail is an oldrail bed, and it's kinda neat hiking through some tight rock cuts and thinkingabout a train fitting in there. The falls are really nice, and there israrely anyone out there, so it's a secluded hike. It's just over a mileone way, and it's a good moderate trail. There is one steep pull just beforethe falls as the trail plunges down the mountain back to the river. Thisis a lot of fun when you have to plunge back UP the mountain on the wayout! One note: the trail is marked with the typical AT white paint stripes,and you'll get used to following those, but if you're not careful, you'llnotice the marks turn to blue. This means you missed the 90 degree turnof the trail cutting straight down the mountain, and you're on an AT bypassto a shelter instead of the falls. I found this out the hard way...I'mnot too bright sometimes. Just watch for the sharp turn to the left, andyou'll see the trail turn. Of course, you can follow the blue blazes backto the white blazes, and cut back to the falls that way...it's not quiteas steep, but it is longer and has some rock scramblings.

Falls Branch

Difficulty: Moderate
Roundtrip: >3 miles

SE Tennessee, From Sweetwater take HWY 68 south to Tellico Plains,HWY 165 past Indian Boundary, Trail head is on left in parking area atJeffrey Hell Trail (#196)

 This trail starts on the same trail as Jeffrey Hell, but aftera few yards JH cuts to the right, and the Falls Branch trail cuts to theleft. It's just under 1.5 miles, and it's pretty easy walking most of theway. After almost a mile, though, the trail turns sharply to the right,and starts straight down. It's still a nice hike, though, because thisis a wet area with a good stand of virgin timber. The next .4 of a mileare pretty much straight down and will tire you out on the way back, butwhen you get to the falls it'll be worth it. This is one of the largestfalls in the area, and it will be worth your time. It's also just a 3 mileround trip, so it's a good side venture or a good late day hike.

Slickrock Creek

- There are a couple of good falls on this trail,but it's more of a river trail, so see its descriptionunder rivers.

Bald River Falls

- This is a really nice fall, but the fallscan be seen from the road, so the trail is more of a rivertrail.

Panthertown Valley

- There are several great falls in this valley, but I like the views, so check out the description here.

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