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Okay, here they go. Most of these trails are in the national forestsor wildernesses in Tennessee and North Carolina, but the local trails are either in state parks or justseem to be out there.

Since I started this site, I have lived in Virginia, Colorado, South Carolina and Utah. Needless to say, I have hiked lots of new trails in each of those states and the surrounding states. However, I don't feel comfortable adding them to this hiking section because I don't think I can write about them with as much authority as I describe these trails in Tennessee and North Carolina that I have hiked for many years. That having been said, though, I have hiked a lot of other trails especially in Colorado and Utah that you might want to learn about. If so, you can check out my Pictures pages where I have begun to maintain Trip Reports of my hikes. You can either read my Colorado Trail Journal or see my Trip Reports of the Utah trails. You can also see Trip Reports of my other hikes.

I can't really give extensive descriptions of the trails, but I will tell youbasically how to get there and the highlights and lengths of the trails. This may be all that you need to find a good hike,but you may want to take a look at some of the books toget more information.

I will also give a subjective quality and difficulty rating for each trail. The quality rating is pretty much what you're used to seeing:

For whatever reason, I just didn't like it.

I still didn't like it, but maybe it has potential.

This was a good trail...not great, but worth the effort.

This was a great trail...don't miss it.

This would be for my favorite trails.

As anybody will tell you, difficulty ratings are misleading no matter how you cut it. The fact is that everyone is in different degrees of conditioning, and everyone has different levels of tolerance. I have tried to make these ratings general for the person who is in decent shape. These ratings will seem too easy if you are an avid backpacker who hikes 15-20 miles a day with 30 pounds on your back. Conversely, they will seem too hard if you only hike every few months, and you're not used to that sort of exertion. But if you're a regular dayhiker, these ratings should be about right.

I think this info can be a good starting point, and it may be all the information you need. Either way, I hope you find something here useful, and e-mail me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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