About the Team

Tempest is a tournament paintball team playing in Knoxville, TN.

We play in the Mid-South Paintball Association (MSPA) tournament league. Many of the team members have been playing together as a team since the first indoor championship back in 1992 when Tempest was first organized. We played in the MSPA in 1995 and 1996, and have played together recreationally since that time. Gene and Shawn came to Tempest in 2006, after playing two years in the MSPA for Torque.

Incidentally, we placed 24th out of 33 teams the first year, despite missing 3 tournaments because of schedule conflicts. In 1996 we also missed a couple of tournaments, but we ended up moving up a spot, and placing 23rd out of 42 teams.

In 2004, after returning to the MSPA from an eight year hiatus, we placed 11th out of 35 teams. In 2005 we missed several tournaments because of various issues, but we still managed to place in the top 15.We have also been regular recipients of the Best Sportsmanship Awards in several tournaments, which exemplifies the way we play: we have fun, play fair and respect each other and the other teams.

We began playing again in the MSPA tournament series in 2004 following an 8 year hiatus from tournament paintball. Check out the Schedule page to see how we've been doing.

If interested in getting more information, please e-mail web@edarnell.com.

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