Report Writing Class Description

Class Description

The investigative report writing class addresses the skills needed by investigators, analysts, and auditors to write clear, concise, and professional investigative documents. 


        • Editing techniques
        • Style issues
        • Grammar problems
        • Organization and note-taking
        • Audience concerns
        • Professional standards
        • Visual tools
        • Practical Exercises with personalized feedback

The exercises are used to practice the techniques and issues we discuss in class and to help the students apply the classroom lessons.  All of the exercises reflect actual documents the students may write in their jobs.  For private classes, I work with agency staff to develop exercises that are directly tailored to the agency and its students.

My Goals

        • Demonstrate the importance of writing good reports
        • Promote effective editing techniques
        • Promote appropriate writing styles
        • Eliminate recurring writing mistakes
        • Eliminate common grammar errors
        • Improve confidence in writing
        • Improve readability and conciseness
        • Provide useful feedback
        • Provide an interesting, engaging, and useful class

The best compliments I receive about this class are when students tell me that, despite their expectation the class would be tedious, I managed to make a report writing class interesting, fun, and useful.  In every class, I strive to provide effective writing tips and information, but I know, in order to accomplish that goal, I must keep the students engaged. 

This is not a boring generic writing class.  This is an informative class that deals specifically with investigative report writing and the practical and legal challenges that investigators face when documenting their work, while also being entertaining and engaging.  My decades of law enforcement experience ensure that I can answer questions about practical writing challenges, and my teaching background has helped me develop a class that the students find interesting.

See Testimonials for reviews from my classes.


        • Federal, State, and County Office of Inspector General (OIG) Investigators
        • Federal, State, and County Investigators and Analysts
        • County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers
        • Auditors
        • Corporate Investigators

I work closely with agency or organizational staff to address any unique writing issues they are experiencing with their employees, and I tailor the class to meet the needs of the specific audience.

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Contact me today to schedule your class or to ask any questions you may have.  I am always flexible to accommodate your needs, and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the class with you.

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