The instructor was engaged, prepared, and entertaining.

You were…super engaging and patient…There were a lot of useful tips to navigate very common issues.  The information provided was easy to understand and specific to the needs of our office.

You did a great job and covered so much.  It is going to help us be better writers.


Seriously, great class.  You did something that most cannot do – you made a writing class interesting and super fun!
Excellent instruction and coordination. Instructor was well-prepared, captivating, humble, and informative…I am very pleased with the course and would highly recommend it to others.
The instructor was excellent at maintaining the attendees’ attention…Overall, this training was by far the best I’ve attended!

I found everything in your discussion extremely helpful. I could benefit from more training like this. You were entertaining while providing your instruction. You made the day fly by!

I have seen great improvements in the overall writing of staff, and I can confidently say that the training was well worth it and extremely beneficial.
I felt the whole class was wonderfully organized…[he] kept things moving, interesting, and engaging for the entire session.
Great energy, upbeat. Dynamic speaker. Best speaker of the conference.
Very good speaker – best one at conference
Tremendous presentation! Should be giving this presentation to all…classes
[He] did an excellent job providing guidance to me during this training course. He is professional yet brings friendliness that encourages interaction and discussion.
Mr. Darnell was highly valuable to the course. His feedback and guidance gave me the confidence to continue to become a better writer.
He is an expert at writing and brings a level of knowledge required for a class like this one.
I have been struggling with report writing and almost immediately you’ve really helped me to understand why I stare at my computer screen without being able to type.
Honestly, having someone with great people skills to discuss an otherwise dry topic makes all the difference. Also, [his] passion for writing makes it easy to learn from him because you feel you are basically asking an expert for advice on something that greatly affects…your job.
The greatest strength of this training comes from the instructor’s ability to tailor the training to our specific needs and base it on the work we produce…His empathy and amazing personality made it a comfortable and safe environment. This proved to be extremely beneficial for helping us remain open and not defensive when discussing our errors or shortcomings.  
[He] showed us all aspects of search warrant writing that we all could improve on. Based on his training and experience, we all were able to draw from his instruction and create a new set of skills that will allow us to be successful in the future. Very well done.
The SW affidavit elements were extremely helpful. I appreciated the advice and insight that [he] provided regarding suppression hearings and electronic evidence as it relates to the Attachment B portion of the warrant.”
The instructor…was knowledgeable and clearly had a passion for English. The content of the training was interesting and the instructor helped facilitate good classroom discussions.